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GPL'ed projects

The professional projects are described in resume.


I create this project at the beginning of 2000. I did want a computer language capable for matrices and other maths for my new PDA, Palm IIIx. More on my resume.


Jed is a cute text editor written by John E. Davis. It is an ancient EMACS clone based on SLang instead of Lisp; it has nice engine but missing newer look and some abilities. Of course I dont like emacs, but with this engine I can easily remake the BRIEF. With exception of GRIEF (QPL) - the project seems dead - there is no other free BRIEF-like editors except my mods for Jed.

More about BRIEF…

Also, I work on a version for [Neo]Vim.

 Slap - Slackware Package Explorer

GUI and CLI package explorer for Slackware Linux.

The xstdgreek package (Lua/Xe LaTeX)

This package provides a bug-free, idiot-proof, Greek language environment for unicode enabled LaTeX, like XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX.

This project does not needed any more. The XeLaTeX with polyglossia package, finally works!

Articles & Guides in English

Smallbasic 0.9.0: User's guide

Version 0.9.0, August 2003

The manual of SmallBASIC in book (TexInfo/PDF) format since the SB team does not maintain it anymore.

TCSH Scripting Tutorial

Version 1.0, July 2017

TCSH tutorial that I wrote for the learn X in Y minutes site.


 small things…